Green Tea

Green Tea 绿茶系列 is actually where Oolong and Black teas start–it is as close to what comes off the Tea Tree Plant as is possible. It is picked and briefly allowed some oxidization which allows the falvor and nose to subtly emerge. STEAPED provides interesting mixtures for you to get all the health benefits from green tea while enjoying a diverse array of tastes:

  • Chamomile Green Tea 洋甘菊绿茶
  • Jasmine Green Tea 茉莉绿茶
  • Rose Green Tea 玫瑰油切绿茶
  • Roast Rice Green Tea 玄米绿茶
  • Comfort Tea 美颜淑女茶
  • Camellia & Peach Green Tea 茶花白桃绿茶

Caffeine: Green tea has the very modest amount of caffeine. But that is all relative:

  • 5 Hour energy: 200-207 mg
  • Coffee: 95-200 mg
  • RedBull: 75-80 mg
  • Coca Cola: 23-35 mg
  • Black Tea: 19-31 mg
  • Oolong Tea: 9-27 mg
  • Green Tea: 9-21 mg
  • Rooibos Tea: 0 mg
  • Herbal Tea: 0 mg

Health impact: While research continues, you can read about the great benefits of Green Tea here.