Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea 花草茶系列 actually contain no tea, so no caffeine, meaning you drink it all day and all night. Many of the ingredients don’t just taste night they have positive effects on your mood and health. We have selected our favorites to share with you:

  • Sweet Garden Herbal Tea 沁甜花园
  • Neroli & Chamomile Herbal Tea 橙花甘菊
  • Hawthorn, Roselle & Rose Tea 山楂玫瑰洛神

Caffeine: Our Herbal teas have ZERO caffeine.

  • 5 Hour energy: 200-207 mg
  • Coffee: 95-200 mg
  • RedBull: 75-80 mg
  • Coca Cola: 23-35 mg
  • Black Tea: 19-31 mg
  • Oolong Tea: 9-27 mg
  • Green Tea: 9-21 mg
  • Rooibos Tea: 0 mg
  • Herbal and Fruit Tea: 0 mg

Health impact: While research continues, you can read about the great benefits of Herbal Teas here.