Rose Green Tearose green tea 阿華師 drink -中秋
Green Tea

Rose Green Tea – 玫瑰油切绿茶 – Siingle Tea Bag


Single Tea Bag for Tasting.  Shipping cost exclude.  Payment: Wechat, Alipay, Bank T/T or Paypal.

The perfect combination of rose petals and fried Japanese tea offer a sweet scent of flowers and a pure flavor of green tea. Rose Green Tea contains apple dietary fiber which can help digestion.

How to make tea

Hot Tea: 1) put one tea bag into cup of 350cc to 500cc.  2) pour in hot water (80-85 degree C).  3) steep for 2-3 mins (depends on personal flavor).  4) take out the tea bag.  5) add surger or honey if you like.  5) drink it.  6) repeat brewing for several times.

Iced Tea: 1) pour 100cc of hot water into cup with one tea bag.  2) steep for 5 mins.  3) take out tea bag.  4) add sugar or honey, stir.  5) fill the cup with ice, stir.  7) ready to drink.

Cold Brew Tea: 1) put a tea bag into a cup or bottle of 500cc.  2) pour in room temperature water.  3) put the cup or bottle into fridge and leave it there for 4 to 8 hours or overnight.  4) ready to drink.



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